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          My name is Francesc ClarÓ and I live in Olot, the capital city of La Garrotxa. La Garrotxa is a mountain region located at the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees in the north of Girona (Spain).
          In the mid eighties, a series of coincidences arouse my interest in sundials, which were probably the first scientific instruments invented by humans to measure the time.
          Since then, I have devoted my free-time to study and calculate, trying to restore, preserve and diffuse the historical, artistic culture and heritage that sundials represent.
          The fact that I'm retired allows me to have more time to publish writings, give lectures, hold exhibitions, workshops and to plan organise visits in order to diffuse the art and science of sundials.
          Until today (June 2016) I been lucky to calculate more than ninety sundials, between restored and new, they are in country houses, churches, schools, public places and private homes.
          Also I have built forty-eight three-dimensional mockups what forming my private collection and there are different types and designs of sundials, since January 2015 which is deposited in Holorogical Department Institute La Merce, in Barcelona, ​​headquarters of the Societat Catalana de Gnomonic.


                                Gnomonic Curriculum
I am (or I have been) member of:
                                Societat Catalana de Gnom˛nica
                                Amigos de los Relojes de Sol - Madrid
                                Associaciˇ Astron˛mica de la Garrotxa
                                The British Sundial Society
                                Coordinamento Gnomonico Italiano
                                Centre Mediterrani del Rellotge de Sol

I have published writings in:
                                La Busca de Paper (S.C.G.)
                                Carpe Diem (Digital gnomonic magazine)
                                Scaphe (C.M.R.S.)
                                Orologi Solari (C.G.I.)  

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